Monday, September 3, 2012

What's next? Sean Connery's finest?...Perhaps! Screens October 7th @ 7 pm

Thanks to all who came out for Napoleon Dynamite last night. Hope everyone enjoyed the show!

Well, as we were planning for the month of October and undecided between thriller and sci fi, we decided on a customer request:  A Sean Connery classic, Zardoz.  (Thanks Tony!)

This film is Rated R and is NOT suitable for all audiences. 

Based on some of the reviews on IMDb I don't think we'll be disappointed in our search for the culturally shocking on this one! 

The following was taken from IMDb and is credited to:

Author: DaJ from Outside the Vortex

Oh yeah..., 10 July 2005

"Without question, the most brilliant bad movie EVER made: Red man-panties, gun-vomiting hot air balloon stone heads, flying books on fishing line, neat-o dance numbers (or at least ballroom catharsis), magic marker facial hair, elitist-hippie government, inexplicable backward-masking (check out Friend in the kitchen), the ugliest bride in the history of cinema, cool jewelry, the Internet before the Internet was the Internet (or even computerized), Big Brother, HAL, and David Niven merged into one, lots of flowy sheer curtains, EXCELLENT decorating ideas, nifty forms of mass transit, a profound sense of anatomy, and, perhaps most chillingly, an apocalyptic warning that, if we do not change our ways, we face a future COMPLETELY DEVOID OF UNDERGARMENTS.
Genius. Simply genius."

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