Friday, April 3, 2015

Special Thanks to Marty Smigell from St. Louis Audubon Society for the Pre-show Talk on Birds!!

He even brought along a crow and an owl!  It was a very interesting presentation to say the least. Did you know crows can count?  And they remember faces??  They are one of the most intelligent species.  I did not know any of these things wouldn't have without Marty Smigell taking the time to represent The Audubon Society at our screening.  Thank you SO much Marty!!

We had an adopted crow growing up:  Crowbaby was his name.  One day I was sitting in the kitchen with my mom, I was probably 8 or 9 and she gets a call from Windsor High School asking her to come get the crow.  It really wasn't even our bird; it lived between our house and the neighbors estate behind us.  I have no idea how the school knew to call us.   Maybe Crowbaby told them if he was such a smarty.

Our screening of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds was a hit too.  One of my all time faves.  I notice something new every time I watch it but my favorite is still..."You're evil!!  Evil!!!!!!....."

I think what I admire most of all after this last screening is Tippi Hedren and her strength and determination. Of all the women in the movie actually.  Tippi was the most uninhibited though and that is an admirable trait in my book. .

Thanks to Schlafly, Tom Stockman and Everyone who came out to join us!! We are so happy to be able to produce this series.

See you next time for King Kong!!

Amy and Mia

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