Thursday, July 16, 2015

Up Next: On Thursday August, 6th, we begin a repeat of A Universal Monster Series with Dracula starring Bela Lugosi

Howdy All,

We have been on a summer hiatus due to much needed surgery for the junior partner of Atypical, LLC.

As an advocate for the practice of Universal Design I am very proud to do a repeat of a series we did in 2014: A Universal Monster Series, showcasing the classic monsters of Universal Pictures.

If you aren't aware of what Universal Design is, it is a design concept and process that enables a diverse population to participate in daily life by making things not just more accessible but doing so in a way that blends into the environment so as not to stigmatize.  It is a much needed practice in not just the built environment but also in the planning of events and programs and I see the lack of it--as well as the need for it--everyday in the life I live with my daughter and in my work in the real estate industry when I show people property.

Universal Design makes living life easier for everyone. Please look it up and read all about it.

My siblings and I grew up watching spooky movies and Dracula was by far one of my favorites.  It still is so Mia and I hope to see you out and about at Schlafly.

Cheers  to you,