Wednesday, October 3, 2018

On Thursday November 8th, Paul Poet's Auslander Raus:Schlingensief's Container screens as part of the 27th Annual Whitaker St Louis International Film Festival

We are veering from our musical theme for 2018  for some political culture shock from Austria's Paul Poet who is known for his edgy and arthouse methods of addressing social reform through mixed media.  

This is a free screening and Co-Presentation with Cinema St Louis.

Special thanks to Goethe-Institut Chicago.

Image copyright Paul Poet and Film Galerie 451

Paul Poet (director/author) was recently named one of the leading German-language political filmmakers and Austrias biggest genre expert by US-Magazine INDIEWIRE. His debut cinema doc FOREIGNERS OUT! SCHLINGENSIEFS CONTAINER (2002) was selected by the Biennale Istanbul into a global canon of political cinema next to names like Bunuel, Rouch, Godard. Following this, it was honoured with gala screenings at MoMA New York, Istanbul IFF, Doc Aviv (Israel).

Paul Poet was born in 1971 on an oil-field in Saudi-Arabia, later bombed away by Al Quaida. As the child of an Austrian petrol engineer, he was raised all over the Middle East, Europe and Africa, being an early witness to corporate exploitation, war and death. Since his puberty living in Vienna, he became a forming part of the local punk and electronica scene. He moved into film-making in 1996 after studying journalism and philosophy. His popculture-savy and activist films always deal with the central theme of social rebellion and the fight of the individual for freedom. Often rock celebrities like Alec Empire, Einst├╝rzende Neubauten, Melvins, Neurosis grace his works as actors and composers.

Other major Cinema works: EMPIRE ME (2011), MY TALK WITH FLORENCE (2015) Poet was part of the main juries of Istanbul IFF 2015 and Haifa IFF 2016. He is also well known for his work as cinema curator for Filmarchiv Austria, Viennale IFF and Diagonale FF.