Culture Shock: a traveling film series 

began as Culture Shock: a film series on September 09, 2011 with the screening of one of my favorite pieces of performance art ever:  Passing Strange by an artist named Stew which I saw for the first time when it aired on PBS in 2010.

I chose this piece to launch our series not just because the music and performance are both outstanding, but also becase the message of the youths search for what is real. 


Since the underlying goal of what I was trying to accomplish with our project Helping Kids Together was about promoting the availability of life's opportunities to real people,

I thought it was a great fit then and still today. 

As for the rest of the titles in our collection of screened films, all are handpicked. Some are favorites and some we have not seen till we watch at the screenings.  All of the works have to have some element of Culture Shock  in or about them. 


We hope you see it too. 

2011 titles

1 Passing-Strange.gif

2012 Titles

2013 Titles

2014 Titles

2015 Titles

2016 Titles

2017 Titles

I AM EVIDENCE was a co presentation we did with Cinema St Louis for 2017 St Louis International Film Festival

2018 Titles

Schlingensief's container was a co presentation we did with Cinema St Louis for 2018 St Louis International Film Festival. iT WAS SPONSORED BY gOETHE iNSTITUT cHICAGO

2019 Titles

Free to Rock was our first film screened as A Traveling film Series and arranged by Mia. 

we screened this in Omnimax Theater

at St Louis Science Center.

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